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Do not make this mistake!

When it comes to getting window films installed, many people tend to revert to companies who focus on automotive tinting. The problem is, many automotive tinters are not aware about the amount of theory that goes behind flat-glass installations. They think you can just install any film on any type of window and call it a day which is far from the case. And then when a film too dark is installed on the wrong window type, thermal stress fractures can occur (as shown in the picture) easily and can be very costly.

Thermal stress fractures are caused due to expansion of the glass when it absorbs so much heat ergo it collides with the cooler glass behind the frame, resulting in the glass cracking. This is caused when a film that absorbs so much heat is installed on thicker glass or multiple panes of glass.

So when it comes to window films, please see a specialist in this field, not just any window film installer for total piece of mind. Get in touch with us and we will definitely find the right film for you!


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